Here are some ideas for an original Advent calendar: turn it into a treasure hunt, or should I say a chocolate hunt 😉 It will be a moment of fun learning and collaboration. Each day will be a new adventure!

There are several possibilities according to the age of the children:

♦ Letters
The children find mixed letters. They put them in the right order, then they read the word: it’s where the chocolates are hidden.

♦ Words
The children find mixed words. They must put them in the right order to form the sentence that will tell them the hiding place of chocolates.

♦ A quote
The children find small pieces of paper with parts of words: it’s a puzzle. Once assembled, the puzzle reveals a quote. What is the meaning of the quote or its most important word? Thinking and discussions are necessary to deduce where the chocolates are hidden.

Tip: print on thick paper for easy handling.