Today, I’m telling you about an art activity I have the children do in January. Why January? Because that’s the time of year when we usually have a lot of beautiful paper we don’t know what to do of: 4 millions tons* of gift wrapping paper and shopping bags are used in the US over holiday season. That’s quite a lot! Those could be recycled or reused, but they are most of the time thrown away. I came up with an idea and now reuse gift wrapping paper in a creative way. All we need is paper, scissors, glue and imagination. Playing with colors and patterns, children cut, paste and eventually get very nice and creative pictures : animal, scenery, poem or story illustration… Everything is possible and up to everyone’s imagination! Once they are done, they can add a few details with pencils. Here are some examples of what can be done:

More ideas with gift wrapping paper: Roll a dice and get a snowman!