Crepe Day is celebrated in France on February 2nd. The actual name of that day is Chandeleur (Candlemas). It comes from the latin word candelarum which means candles. In the ancient times, candles were lit on Frebrurary 2nd for many different reasons depending on times and places: Romans and Celts to honor their gods, peasants to purify the land before seedlings, people to repel evil from their home, etc. February 2nd is also a Christian celebration. But nowadays, it is mostly known as Crepe Day and French people make crepes on that day, at least those having children at home. Crepes are very thin yet large pancakes. They are usually eaten with powder sugar, jam, chocolate spread, or in a salty way with cheese, egg or salad. Most of the time crepes are rolled. There are many customs about Crepe Day, e.g. it is said that the cook has to flip a crepe while holding a gold coin to bring prosperity to their home.

Here are worksheets for students to learn about French Candlemas and Crepe Day while doing grammar exercises: