Here are two activities I have the children do around Chinese New Year.

~ A lantern garland ~

1) Draw or print a dragon.
Tip: I printed 3 dragons per sheet so as to save paper.

2) Cut the paper in order to have the dragon centered in height but with almost no margin on left and right sides.

3) Fold in half.

4) Cut the sheet at regular intervals, leaving intact a strip of about 0,4 in of paper on the top edge.

5) Unfold.

6) Flip and put glue on one side.

7) Fold to make the lantern, then glue both ends with the previously glued part.

8) Bring the top and the bottom together by folding the paper slightly to get a nice lantern shape.

9) Insert a sewing thread (transparent, yellow, red or gold) into two opposite notches of the lantern, then tie it around a fancy yarn thread you have previously strung up across the room.


~ Paper fan ~

1) Draw or print a rooster or any Chinese astrological sign on a paper (landscape orientation).The drawing must be on top of the paper, leaving a 3-in strip blank on the bottom.

2) Fold accordion style.

3) Staple the lower end.

4) Attach to a wall or door with three adhesive points on the upper back of the fan.